Churches & Cultural Heritage

Treasures of a very special kind are hidden within the most ancient of mountain landscapes in Switzerland. History is alive and well throughout Savognin Bivio Albula. Visitors will be amazed by the chapels and churches along the Julier route. The Belfort Castle ruins and Rätia Castle in Riom are also present-day witnesses to historical events. As well, the museums and galleries will help you experience the special appeal of this region. A not-to-be-missed highlight is the Origen Festival of Culture, where the cultural heritage of this trilingual region is celebrated. Reserve your tickets now.

Origen Festival Cultural

The name Origen is Rhaeto-Romanic and means genesis, origin, creation. This cultural instituation shows a variety art at Riom and at many other places.

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Romanisch Kurs in Savognin
Romansh holiday language course
Allegra! Bun de! Buna seira! Buna notg! Have you already heard these expressions? You will have the chance to learn Romansh or improve your Romansh skills during your holidays in Savognin.
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In the footsteps of Giovanni Segantini

The world famous painter Giovanni Segantini lived from 1886 to 1894 with his family in Savognin; where many of his famous works were created.

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