Origens Juliertheatre

On the year 2016 Origen's director Giovanni Netzer announced together with renowned representatives of politics, economics and culture Origen's new theatre project. A temporal theatre shall be built on top of the Julier pass. This theatre will dedicate itself to the world theatre, it will act with the seasons and reinterpret the mountain pass as a place of culture.

The Juliertheatre will combine nature and culture in a unique way. Far away from all hermetically sealed theatre buildings in the cities, a building opens up to the direct influence of nature. The Julier tower is delicate wood construction and has a transparent effect due to its many openings. the upper platform can be used as a function room or as a foyer. The spectator terraces embrace the central stage and direct the view of the audience again and again outside to the vastness of the landscape.

Further information

Origens Juliertheatre

Pale Sot 6
7463 Riom

Phone + 41 (0)81 637 16 81


Source: Tourismus Savognin Bivio Albula AG

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The name Origen is Rhaeto-Romanic and means genesis, origin, creation. The cultural organization Origen is responsible for the annual Origen Festival of Culture and primarily dedicates itself to the promotion and production of professional contemporary opera.

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