La Nars Savognin Children’s Paradise

At the La Nars Savognin Children’s Ski Paradise, the longest covered magic carpet in Switzerland easily transports children of all ages through the 171-m-long tunnel and up to the top of the slope, where the downhill fun can then begin. Using the Rotondo carousel, children have fun learning to balance, glide, turn and slide on skis. At the Magicparc, it's all about jumping and balancing exercises, and the Railpark challenges young skiers and snowboarders with obstacles and jumps. Loads of fun is on the cards.

Kinderland Savognin child-friendly facility

Our Kinderland is located in the village of Savognin, near the valley cableway station. Children aged 2½ and older are supervised by trained children's ski instructors and learn how to ski in a fun and playful manner. A trial lesson for children aged 2½ to 5 years is held every Sunday at 2:30 pm. Cost: CHF 30.00, pre-registration by Sunday at 12 noon preferred.

La Nars kiosk

You can sit back and watch your children skiing while enjoying a delicious, piping-hot gourmet coffee on the terrace of the La Nars kiosk.

Opening hours
Daily from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm during the winter season.

Pinocchio Express

The Pinocchio Express (slow train) is reserved for the children at the ski school and takes them through a fairy-tale winter landscape to the Children’s Ski Paradise.


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