Origen Festival Cultural

The name Origen is Rhaeto-Romanic and means genesis, origin, creation. This cultural instituation shows a variety art at Riom and at many other places.

Origens Juliertheatre

The Juliertheatre wil combine nature and culture in a unique way. Far away from all hermetically sealed theatre buildings in the cities a building opens up to the direct influence of nature. The Julier tower is a delicate wood construction and has a transparent effect due to its many openings. the upper platform can be used  as a function room or as a foyer. The spectator terraces embrace the central stage and direct the view of the audience again and agin outside to the vastness of the landscape.

Origens Turm auf dem Julierpass

Programme summer

Origen dedicates the summer to the great utopias of the world. We tell of lost cities, happy islands, paradisiacal gardens, ideal states, terrible underworlds. We welcome artists from all over the world who reinvent the mountain world. Dancers, actors, singers from St. Petersburg, Paris, Australia, Vienna, Hamburg, Munich and of course Graubünden. We play on village squares and churches, castles and barns and especially on the Red Tower on the Julier Pass - that crazy opera house at 2300 metres above sea level that defies wind and weather and tells of a realised vision.

Centre of culture

Origen has its own opera house: Riom Castle was converted into a theatre and inaugurated in 2006. In April 2014 the first construction work for the winter theatre started and in july 2015 Origen could inaugurate the so called Clavadeira. With its engagement the Nova Fundaziun Origen aims to preserve a significant cultural landmark, thus giving to the region an open, professionally run house of encounters and bestowing on it lasting cultural and social impulses.

Café at Villa Carisch

The menu is reminiscent of the pastry piles of the confectioners of Grisons, who worked all around the globe. The house shall welcome everybody. Of course we are very pleased to welcome the theatre visitors.

Die Villa Carisch und die Clavadeira in Riom

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