Anyone who thinks that an express sling has something to do with post offices will learn a thing or two on our climbing course. You will find everything you need to know about fixed-rope routes, climbing parks in the region and much more.

Klettergarten Bivio
Bivio climbing park
The Motta da Crest climbing park is located just three minutes from the village of Bivio. It offers 11 different ascent routes of varying degrees of difficulty.
Discover Bivio climbing park

Mountain guide

With his many years of experience as a licensed mountain guide and gamekeeper (since 1983), Geni Ballat is willing and able to lead you through the beauty of the Alps according to your ability – on ski tours, high-altitude hikes, climbing expeditions, trekking trips or expeditions, either in a group or as a private tour.


Please informyourself and contact the tourist office about special details on climbing before you start a tour.

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